The Ampleforth Benefice

5th January The Epiphany of the Lord
9.15 am Morning Prayer at St Oswald, Oswaldkirk
9.15 am Eucharist at Holy Cross, Gilling
11.00 am Family Eucharist with Worship Band at St Hilda, Ampleforth

Sunday 5th January 2020

Prayers of Thanksgiving: we give thanks to God that all creation is filled with his presence, and we give thanks for all the signs of God we see in the natural world around us.

For those who are ill, confined to home and in need:

from Ampleforth: Jean Thompson
from Gilling: Rita Sutcliffe, David Sutcliffe, Margaret Wilson    from Oswaldkirk: Gareth Thomas, Philippa Mackenzie-Smith, Rosemary Greenfield and Sarah Lee from Stonegrave: Anne Fryers, Martyn Boothroyd

For those whose anniversaries are remembered at this time:

from Ampleforth: Eric Page, John Wilson, Harry Barnett, Arthur Kettlewell, Herbert Briggs, Maureen Benson, David Senior
from Gilling: Minnie Lamb, Philip Lightfoot, Jim Mason, Barron Stewart
from Oswaldkirk: Jean Beadle, Dorothy Goodman, Beatrice Pringle, Angus Thomas
from Stonegrave: Violet Noble

Prayer during the week: The key message in our gospel passage from Matthew today, on the Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord, is that Jesus, Son of God, is for all nations, for all people, for all the world. People may take a number of routes but God’s arm is outstretched and manifested to us in Jesus, who looks to unite all people together with its one God. There is an incredible and utterly inclusive invitation to today’s celebration. We worship our Lord with the Magi and the whole of creation today, and ask in our prayers each day this week and season, to have eyes to see and ears to hear our God continuing to reveal himself to us today.

Regular services for the coming week:

Monday 6th January at 9 am: Morning Prayer at Holy Cross, Gilling
Wednesday 8th January at 9.15 am: Morning Prayer at St Oswald’s, Oswaldkirk
Thursday 9th January at 9.30 am: Holy Communion at St Hilda’s, Ampleforth
Friday 10th January at 9.00 am: BCP Mattins at Stonegrave Minster

Benefice Notices

Benefice Website
Facebook Page: AmpleforthChurchGroup

Throughout the Deanery this week, we pray for:
The Northern Ryedale Deanery

 Holy Cross PCC meet on Friday 10th January at 10 am at Liz Mason’s house in Gilling.

St Hilda’s Church PCC meet on Friday 17th January at 10.30 am at Jane Holloway’s house in Ampleforth.

Stonegrave Minster PCC meet on Friday 31st January at 10.30 am at David Nelson’s house in Oswaldkirk.

Benefice Pilgrimage to Walsingham 21st – 24th September 2020: please get in touch with Revd Catherine to book a place by no later than 17th January.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: 18th – 25th January. Event organised: Songs of Praise – Sunday 19th January 6 pm at Helmsley Methodist Church. Speaker R Dom George Corrie OSB.

Equipping Christian Disciples for Ministry: See York School of Ministry for details of York diocesan based courses in theology, mission, and ministry.

READ MORE about Bishop Stephen Cottrell who will become the next Archbishop of York.


12th January 2020 The Baptism of Christ
10.30 am Benefice Eucharist at St Oswald, Oswaldkirk
To include details of your forthcoming event, please contact Ian Henley by Thursday on 01439 788274 or email

Contact: Revd Catherine Reid
Vicar of the Ampleforth Benefice
The Vicarage, Ampleforth   tel.01439 788867

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