The Ampleforth Benefice
Sunday 14th July 2019

Fourth Sunday after Trinity
10.30 am Benefice Eucharist at St Hilda’s, Ampleforth
6.00 pm Evening Prayer at St Oswald’s, Oswaldkirk
7.00 pm Youth Church BBQ in the Vicarage Garden

Prayers of Thanksgiving: we give thanks for our ministry to young people and their families. We especially pray for Ella, Benjamin, Bradley, Fiona, and Felix finishing St Hilda’s School this year.

For those who are ill, confined to home and in need:
from Ampleforth: Freddie Thompson (3yrs); Margaret Matthews, Jean Thompson
from Gilling: Rita Sutcliffe, David Sutcliffe, Margaret Wilson    from Oswaldkirk: Gareth Thomas, Philippa Mackenzie-Smith, Ian Henley, and Sarah Lee. We also pray for David and Beryl, Sarah’s parents.

For the recently departed: Joyce Chase, William Macauley, Helen Robinson.

For those whose anniversaries are remembered at this time:  from Ampleforth: Jack Westaway
from Gilling: Florence Kendrick, Marjorie Lamb, Kathleen Pringle
from Oswaldkirk: Sandy Mackenzie-SmithGreta Greenfield, Edward Tetley

Prayer during the week: Our Gospel passage this week is the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Through telling a parable, Jesus gets us to reconsider our priorities and prejudices. We discover that our neighbour is actually the one who shows mercy, the person who has compassion, and who is often not the person we expected. Neighbour is not so much about proximity and shared social groupings as the capacity to reach out to someone in need. Here Jesus is again highlighting the importance and role of mercy and love for one another in God’s reign. Our Gospel this week asks us to reflect prayerfully on whether we are good neighbours, and also on whether we let ourselves receive mercy from others.

Regular services for the coming week:

Monday 15th July at 9 am: Morning Prayer at Holy Cross, Gilling
Wednesday 17th July at 9.15 am: Morning Prayer at St Oswald, Oswaldkirk;
Thursday 18th July at 9.30 am: Eucharist at St Hilda’s, Ampleforth;    
Friday 20th July at 9.00 am Mattins at Holy Trinity, Stonegrave

Benefice Notices


Throughout the Deanery this week, we pray for:
St Michael, Great Edstone

NEW Benefice Website
Our new website is at
Comments/posts etc please email Ian or Vicar
Middlesbrough Food Bank

NEXT DELIVERY-TUESDAY AUGUST 6th with loading up at 5 pm the day before!
Please do NOT donate the following items till further notice, as they have too many of them at the Food Bank at the moment : Sanitary products, Cereals, Biscuits, Tinned peas and soup.  

 The Funeral Service for the late Joyce Chase will take place on Thursday 18th July at 11 am at Our Lady and St Benedict, Ampleforth. We especially pray for David, Emma and Jake.

 St Oswald’s PCC meets on Thursday 18th July at 7 pm at St Oswald’s Church.

 Stonegrave Robert Thornton Pilgrimage Friday 19th July, starting at Stonegrave Minster at 1.30 pm and walking to St Oswald’s. Refreshments in Village Hall. If you can’t do the walk, help send us off, or welcome us at St Oswald’s!

 Exhibition at Stonegrave: do you have a picture, photo or painting of Stonegrave Minster and/or the village? The Vicar is putting together an exhibition as part of the Open Day at Stonegrave on the 21st September. Please get in touch if you have material.

Next Sunday, 21ST July 2019
Fifth Sunday after Trinity9.15 am All Age Eucharist at St Oswald’s, Oswaldkirk
9.15 am Morning Prayer at Holy Cross, Gilling East
11.00 am Eucharist at St Hilda’s, Ampleforth
6.00 pm  Choral Evensong at Holy Trinity Stonegrave
To include details of your forthcoming event, please contact Ian Henley by Thursday on 01439 788274 or email

Contact: Revd Catherine Reid
Vicar of the Ampleforth Benefice
The Vicarage, Ampleforth   tel.01439 788867


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