The Ampleforth Benefice – Sunday 2nd August

Eighth Sunday after Trinity

We are currently able to have a Benefice Eucharist Service every Sunday at 10.30 am. We are working to rotate this service around our church group.

We also continue with our online Sunday worship for the Benefice, including hymns, and readings from our church members on our website:

Prayers of Thanksgiving: we give thanks to God for the recent appointment of Lucy Willshaw as the new Youth and Children’s Worker for our benefice with Helmsley, Kirkdale, and the Byland Group.

For those who are ill, confined to home and in need: from Ampleforth: Jean Thompson
from Oswaldkirk: Gareth Thomas, Philippa Mackenzie-Smith, Rosemary
from Stonegrave: Anne Fryers, Martyn Boothroyd.

For those whose anniversaries are remembered at this time:
from Ampleforth: Nancy Hemsley, Julia White

 Prayer each day this week: In the passage from Matthew, we read of Jesus feeding more than five thousand people from five loaves and two fish. As last week, we again reflect on all things being possible with God, and especially how, with God, even the smallest beginnings can bring the biggest yield and plentiful harvest. There are lots of messages we can discern in this as we live out our faith daily, and especially during difficult times, as the present surely is. Importantly, it’s not to forget that God is at work in every situation seeking restoration and wholeness. The Gospel passage speaks of the Eucharist, its four-fold pattern – the bread is taken, blessed, broken, and distributed. Jesus is this bread of life. In the current situation, some of us can receive but others still not, and we prayerfully reflect together in Christ, how we then live and receive together as the Body of Christ. Let us give thanks to God for the ways we are held in the Body of Christ each day this week, and hear anew each morning God’s call to ‘come to the waters.’ Amen.

Please contact Revd Catherine if you would like prayer ministry on the telephone, or if you would like to be prayed for by name at Sunday services. The Church of England has a Daily Hope freephone telephone line for those not online: 0800 804 8044 You can call and listen to prayers, music, bible readings, and reflections.

Benefice Notices

Benefice Website
Facebook Page: Ampleforth Benefice

Within the Deanery this week, we pray for:
St Lawrence, Rosedale

Revd Catherine’s last Sunday in the benefice is the 23rd August.

SEE our Benefice Facebook page and Website for online services and audio.

SEE our YouTube channel: Ampleforth Church Group for a weekly uploaded video of the Sunday Eucharist.

Church of England National Service 9 am each Sunday on Facebook and YouTube.

This Week’s Sunday Service on BBC Radio 4 at 08.10am:
Encountering God in Abandonment
The Rev Dr Isabelle Hamley, chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury, charts her walk with God and with Covid-19.

Middlesbrough Food Bank or ring 01653 628755. Cash donations can be hand delivered to St Benedict’s House in Ampleforth.

Ryedale Food Bank
or ring 07990 264008

Gilling and Stonegrave Parish Magazine: Please get in touch with Lin Dyson, Gilling, if you would like to begin a subscription. Printed copies delivered again from August.

To include details of your forthcoming event, please contact Ian Henley by Thursday on 01439 788274 or email
Next Sunday, 9th August 2020
Ninth Sunday after Trinity
10.30 am Benefice Eucharist at St Hilda, Ampleforth
Online services on our website and Facebook page

Contact: Revd Catherine Reid
Vicar of the Ampleforth Benefice
The Vicarage, Ampleforth   tel.01439 788867

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