21 March 2021 Fifth Sunday of Lent


Online Worship

Radio 4 Sunday Worship at 0810
Lost Years
Preacher: The Very Revd Catherine Ogle, Dean of Winchester, and with a Moment of Remembrance led by the Archbishop of York.

As the nation is about to mark the anniversary of the first lockdown, Debbie Thrower – broadcaster and founder of Anna Chaplaincy which promotes the spiritual welfare of older people – marks the loss of more than one hundred and twenty five thousand lives to the pandemic in the United Kingdom. Many of those who died were in their later years – some living in care homes. There are currently 160 or so Anna Chaplains (and others in equivalent roles) in the national network ministering to older people across the UK. Named after the widow, Anna, in Luke’s gospel, the chaplains help older men and women reflect on the narrative of their lives, to seek meaning and purpose and to foster hope and resilience in old age. The Anna name reinforces the fact that much of the work is with those who have suffered loss and bereavement. Yet it is a hope-filled ministry, highlighting the tradition of older people having prophetic voices. It recognises that many in retirement have wisdom to impart to younger generations, and key life lessons to share spiritually and in other ways. Appropriately, for a ministry that is a gracious offering from church to the community, the name Anna means ‘gift’ or ‘grace’.
Church of England online service at 9.00 am

Join the congregations of St Aidan’s and St Oswald’s Thursdays 25 March
Contact or 01439 788052

Service next Sunday
Palm Sunday Eucharist
at Stonegrave Minster at 10.00 am


Within the Deanery this week, we pray for:
St Mary, Farndale

Private Prayer
Two churches will be open for private prayer:
St Oswald’s, Oswaldkirk: Wednesday and Sunday 10am to 1 pm.
Holy Trinity, Stonegrave: Sunday noon to 3 pm

Prayers for those who are ill, confined to home and in need:
from Ampleforth: Jean Thompson, Richard Unwin, Janey Rutherford, Margaret Matthews, Ruth Taylor and Freda Shaw
from Oswaldkirk: Gareth Thomas, Philippa Mackenzie-Smith, Rosemary Greenfield, Simon Conacher
from Stonegrave: Anne Fryers, Martyn Boothroyd.

For those whose anniversaries are remembered at this time
from Ampleforth: Richard Kirk
from Gilling: Andrew Collyer, Eric Petch, Louie Skilbeck
from Oswaldkirk
: Wendy Entwistle
from Stonegrave: Lily Potter, John Bateman

For the recently departed
Peggy Hutchinson

Weekly Zoom meetings for Coffee, Chat and a Prayer continue on Thursdays at 11am.
Contact Susan House for a link to the meetings on or 01845 527 493

 Lent 2021 ‘Caring for Creation’
5 session course on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm.
David and Helen Goodman invite you to join them by Zoom.
01439 788401

Also Saturday afternoons at 2.30pm with Susan House and Ros Field. contact Susan on 01845 527493 or Ros on 01439 788603

Middlesbrough Foodbank

 Ryedale Food Bank
or ring 07990 264008

Contact: Revd Canon Tim Robinson
Area Dean of Northern Ryedale Deanery
The Vicarage, Baxtons Road, Helmsley   tel.01439 770983

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