Vicar’s July Letter

Dear Friends

We can often think we’ve learnt all we’re going to learn, or that we have learnt enough ‘to be going on with’. Yet, the words of Jesus suggest otherwise. Having spent much time with his disciples showing and telling them about God, when he knows he must leave them soon, he says ‘I still have many things to say to you’. Many years on from the first disciples, we’ve certainly learnt more through the Spirit of God, and the great witness of the living church here today, is testimony that we have indeed been listening. And yet, we haven’t heard it all yet. Jesus still has many things to say to us. Those words that Jesus spoke to his disciples then remain true for us today, despite all that we have discovered and have come to understand about God, his wisdom, and his care for his creation.

There is something important about remaining open to the possibility of discerning and learning new things. In the context of the Christian faith, this means keeping a listening ear and watchful eye to see what God is showing us about his love and presence in our world today. And we have much that we have to try to ‘see through’ in order to see at all. Unfortunately for us, who are set within the context of modern living, necessary to this discernment is the task of not getting caught up in endless busyness, which tends to mean dwelling too much at the surface of things, and rarely then sitting at the depths of anything.

The Lord still has much to say to us. In this season of Ordinary Time in the Church year, when no other particular ‘season’ is observed, it can make way for a longer spiritual reflection. Certainly, a worthwhile one to consider can be, what do we spend our time and energy on? and, are we open to seeing and learning new things?

May the Spirit of God lead us into all truth.

With every blessing,

Revd Catherine

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