Holy Trinity, Stonegrave

This small village has 24 dwellings and another 25 or so within the parish boundary, with a total population of 87 souls.  Of these, 10 are retired, including 2 who are over 90, and there are 13 children.  There are 3 working farms.  Other adults work outside the village, many at Ampleforth College.  About half the school age children attend the College, others attend Ryedale Comprehensive School and local primary schools.  The Minster is the only public building in the village (no pub, shop or village hall).

Holy Trinity Stonegrave or Stonegrave Minster is the oldest church in the Benefice.  There has been a place of Christian worship on the site since 757 AD.   The tower dates back to the 12th century and the Victorians in their programme of “improvements” preserved large parts of original stonework and raised the roof!   The Saxon wheel head cross, the pre-reformation rood screen and stone carvings attract visitors interested in its history.  As stewards and guardians, this presents us with opportunities to share this Christian heritage.

Worship is celebrated with our neighbours in Gilling East and also with the other two churches in the Benefice.  This means there are one or two Eucharistic services per month during the summer.   There is a service of Morning Prayer on Friday mornings.  

There are 9 people on the electoral roll, 4 of whom attend church regularly.